Workers at bankrupt Spanish jeans wear maker Saez Merino have begun an indefinite round of strikes to protest the company's decision to unwind its production in Spain.

Roughly 90% of the 800 workers summoned to the Thursday (March 9) strike showed their support, according to Vicente Rodriguez, an official with top trades union Comisiones Obreras (CCOO).

On top of the strike, about 400 workers held demonstrations in downtown Valencia, he added.

Saez Merino, which filed for bankruptcy in early February, is engaged in restructuring to improve its brands, commercial network and logistics to survive stinging competition from Asian rivals.

Unions, which claim cash-strapped Saez intends to move its whole production outside Spain, fear the company will announce redundancies in coming weeks.

"Given the situation they are in, it's very possible that they want to dismiss many workers," Rodriguez said. "What we are asking for is that they emerge from bankruptcy - with a sound business and financial plan — before we negotiate any redundancies."

By Ivan Castano