A new co-branding and licensing deal agreed between Thai Acrylic Fibre and Sanitized AG will see the Sanitized antimicrobial function integrated into Amicor fibres and yarns.

Amicor fibres already feature anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives inside the fibre, using integrated technology developed in the UK by Courtaulds/Acordis in 1998.

Thai Acrylic Fibre has the global patent for anti-fungal fibres making Amicor Pure, Amicor Breathe and Amicor Plus products, which are said to benefit asthma and allergy sufferers.

Under the new agreement, the Sanitized hygiene function will be built-in to all Amicor fibres, with applications including innerwear, sportswear and socks.

As a non-topical application, there is minimal loss of the hygiene function additive to the environment during manufacture, yarn and fabric processing, dyeing and finishing and in final consumer use and laundering. Amicor fibres are also OEKO-TEX Class 1 certified.

"Both Sanitized AG and Thai Acrylic Fibre believe this alliance will strengthen our respective product offering in addition to opening up new markets," says Sanitized CEO Urs Stalder.

"From a geographical perspective, each company offers market opportunities through their strong and complimentary market presence."