Sara Lee Intimate Apparel has successfully tested and deployed a new printing solution that has eliminated the need for workers to visually validate the bar codes on its 36,000 shipments a day.

The manufacturer is also hoping to save more than $225,000 in retail compliance fines and give 100 per cent barcode scanability and verification on its outbound cartons to retail giant Sears Roebuck & Co.

"Our barcode failure rate has dropped to next to nothing in three short months, and we're saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees year over year," said Brad Kennedy, manager of logistics, Sara Lee Intimate Apparel.

Sara Lee Intimate Apparel manufactures and distributes 70 per cent of the intimate apparel sold through retail and private labels in the United States, such as Bali, Barely There, Playtex and Wonderbra. The company also manufacturers 90 per cent of the products it sells, using nine separate facilities in the Caribbean Basin to ensure patent security.

The installation of Printronix's T5000(e) thermal printer with Online Data Validation (ODV) has resulted in enhanced barcode quality and provides a streamlined system to scan products and make corrections online.