Textile machinery maker Saurer has reported a decline in orders for 2005, hampered by reduced demand from China in the Textile Solutions division.

Orders were worth a total of EUR1,466m compared with €1,690m in 2004. Sales amounted to €1,573 compared with €1,593 last year.

Saurer said that it experienced slightly higher sales in the Transmission Systems division, but said this was not enough to make up for the decline in textiles.

Textile Solutions orders were €1,067m compared with 1,306m last year. Declining Chinese demand was especially visible in the filament machines and synthetic staple fibres units.

Asia remained the dominant market in the textiles sector, accounting for 67% of sales; however, only 28% of this still came from China, compared with 38% in 2004.

The Indian market, however, seems to be in persistently good shape, Saurer said.