Schoeller Technologies AG and Ciba Specialty Chemicals AG are to undertake a joint branding, sales and marketing programme to promote the 3XDRY 'Feelgood' finishing technology.

Ciba Specialty Chemicals will manage product sales and quality control worldwide for the multifunctional moisture management system developed by Schoeller.

Schoeller Technologies AG, founded in 2004 as a subsidiary of the Swiss market leader Schoeller Textil AG, will be responsible for branding, marketing and patent matters.

3XDRY is used primarily for business wear, sportswear, leisurewear and workwear by manufacturers such as Alberto, Brax, Dockers, Globus, Daniel Hechter, Mammut, Timberland, Vaude or

The technology is currently being applied in Switzerland, Turkey, India, China and Taiwan.

According to Hans-Jürgen Hübner, CEO of Schoeller Technologies AG, Ciba's representation in 120 countries was among the decisive factors for the new cooperation.

"Our finishing technology has developed very successfully and is increasingly entering markets and regions which lie outside of our own target segment," he explains.