Schoeller Textil AG has developed a new finishing technology for garment fabrics that harnesses the heat reflecting properties of certain minerals to keep the wearer warm.

The Energear process features a special titanium/mineral matrix incorporated into the fabric that reflects heat generated by the body back onto the wearer in the form of Far Infrared Rays.

This extra warmth in turn helps boost comfort and performance by promoting blood circulation and increasing oxygen levels in the blood. It also means shorter warm-up sessions are required before physical activity, Schoeller claims.

The Energear technology can be combined with various Schoeller fabric qualities such as elasticity, weather-proofing and moisture management to provide extra comfort.

End uses for the fabrics could include clothing for biking and mountain sports, for trekking and hiking, for motorcycling, for skiing and winter sports, in workwear and military wear, as well as city and street wear.