Scovill Fasteners Inc has agreed a strategic alliance with Hong Kong-based Ti Tong Products Ltd, which will make, sell, and service the full range of Scovill’s Gripper snap fasteners across Asia.

According to Scovill Fasteners’ managing director Brian Moore, the alliance will best make use of Scovill’s global marketing and distribution skills by teaming them with Ti Tong’s Asian manufacturing, sales and service network.

It also means that “nothing changes with Gripper as a product,” he says, since Ti Tong will use Scovill tooling, machinery, and product designs, all supported by Scovill trained technicians.”

Ti Tong has a long history of manufacturing and supplying accessory products including hangers and labels to world apparel markets.

In the Southeast Asia region, Ti Tong will also support Scovill sales and service efforts.