A review by the European Commission has decided not to expand the official European Union (EU) certification of organic products to textiles and clothing.

The decision comes after a detailed assessment of the EU regulation (EC) No 834/2007 on organic production and labelling of organic products concluded that expanding the system to such non-food products "could pose a risk for the credibility of the term 'organic', as applied to foodstuffs."

It added that including clothing and textiles in the system would require the "regulation...be fundamentally changed."

It also said it was "too early to add proposals to change the regulation" in this way, even though it is "widely recognised that textiles and cosmetics both constitute a valuable outlet for organically-produced raw materials."

Meanwhile, the Commission noted that voluntary EU eco-label scheme for textile products already allows organic cotton labelling if 95% of the product is made of cotton considered organic under its production rules.