Gao Dekang, the CEO of China's largest apparel group Bosideng, has stepped down from his role, to be replaced by Dr Liang Sheuh-Hvei.

The move, effective today (15 May), will facilitate a "precise division of managerial roles" between labour and management, Bosideng said. Dekang will remain as the company's chairman and executive director, responsible for the overall strategic development of the group.

"As the company grows, there is an increasing need for professional talents and to have precise division of managerial roles, in order to lay a more solid foundation for the long term development," Bosideng said. "Specifically, the division of roles between the chairman and chief executive officer will enhance the company's corporate governance."

Sheuh-Hvei has over 20 years of experience in strategic development and operational management of listed corporations. Prior to joining Bosideng, he was the chief strategy officer of Daphne International Holdings and the COO of Goodbaby International Holdings.