Footwear producers are demanding the return of pre-shipment inspection on imports to smooth import procedures and safeguard duty and tax revenues.

According to Djimanto, secretary-general of the Indonesian Footwear Association (Aprisindo), shoe smuggling from China and under-invoicing practices have hit domestic producers hard. Local factories increasingly depend on the home market now that international orders are declining.

"We know that smugglers have been colluding with customs officials to bring in their contraband goods through door-to-door container services. There are even many big stores in Jakarta that sell foreign shoes brought in almost entirely through the collusive door-to-door container services," Djimanto said in a statement.

He added that the customs service had failed miserably to perform its basic task of facilitating foreign trade (import and export), and that his association had urged Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Dorodjatun Kuntjoro-Jakti, to give special attention to the severe damages inflicted on domestic producers by the "incompetent and corrupt customs service."

Dorodjatun announced early this month that the government was considering bold measures to stop smuggling and underinvoicing practices, but no action has yet been taken.