Companies will now have access to data that could help them better determine the right product, and size and fit for their customers in order to work faster and more cost efficiently.

Serial measurement survey SizeItaly has been designed by body scanning firm the Human Solutions Group, several partners from the Italian apparel industry and Sistemi Assyst. Using 3D scanners, the survey allows companies to optimise the size and fit of clothing.

Data for the survey was complied between August 2012 to the end of December, gathering the body dimensions of more than 6,000 men, women and children aged between 6 and 75 were acquired.

"The body proportions of the Italian population have changed significantly in recent decades - on average, this generation is larger and taller than their parents and grandparents," Sistemi Assyst says.

"The result is that more and more people find it difficult to find apparel with an optimal size & fit in the stores. The solution to this is a representative survey of current body measurements - exactly how it was tackled by Sistemi Assyst in the SizeItaly project, with the support of the apparel industry and retail trade."