eWarna on Monday launched its LabWorks Pro Internet based collaborative colour management software.

This lets users work with digital colour the way they work with physical swatches - cutting and pasting between folders and palettes that can be shared and searched around the world.

LabWorks Pro delivers "streamlined colour management with a highly intuitive user interface and a flexible structure that allows for efficient data organisation and communication," the company said in a statment.

LabWorks Pro is designed to be a comprehensive solution for anyone involved in the colour approval cycle. For suppliers, this means built-in recipe formulation and prediction tools, with shareable dye-loadings and recipes, as well as a colour measurement module that works with a wide range of spectrophotometers.

For retailers, LabWorks Pro brings flexible colour management that can integrate with XML based software, including eWarna's XMatch application for both colour and supply chain quality control.

"Everyone who sees this software comments on how well it matches the way they work with colour swatches now" said Richard Lawn, chief executive officer of eWarna.

"To be able to organise digital swatches in any folder structure the user needs, share those folders with colleagues, customers or suppliers in real time across the internet, search them by colour, date, fabric, whatever - that is when the benefits of digital colour communication really arise."