Textile group Harvest SPF Textile Co Ltd has named Melbourne-based Cust & Jacobson Pty Ltd as agent and distributor of their soybean protein fibre (SPF) products in Australia and New Zealand.

The fibre, invented and developed by Chinese researcher Li Guanqi, is environmentally friendly with no pollutants used during its manufacture.

Being produced from a renewable resource, soybean cake, SPF will degrade in landfill within two years, while its processing residue can be used as animal feed.

The product also combines the quality of natural fibres such as cotton with the physical properties of synthetic fabrics, boasting good resistance to piling, UV radiation and bacteria growth and strong absorption properties.

Cust & Jacobson have already begun distribution of SPF to several Australian manufacturers, who are currently carrying out knitting, weaving and tufting trials with a view to using the fibre in apparel, underwear and home furnishings production.