The clothing manufacturer SR Gent is to close one of its two remaining production plants in the United Kingdom.

Its Rotherham factory in South Yorkshire will close in April with the loss of 130 jobs, although a spokeswoman for the company said that there would be an opportunity for staff to transfer to Gent's only other remaining UK factory at nearby Barnsley. Some 750 people are employed at Barnsley, where the company also has its headquarters and distribution operation.

Gent's, which has supplied clothing to Marks & Spencer for many years, says the closure is the result of price pressure on the high street and changes in production processes.

The spokeswoman said that clothing could be made more cheaply abroad. Production will follow other parts of the company's manufacturing, which have already been moved overseas to enable Gent's to compete with other manufacturers. The company says it has a number of manufacturing partnerships outside the United Kingdom.

The company spokeswoman said that Gent's had been involved in consultations with the textile section of the GMB union. She said the Rotherham factory was expected to close on April 23.

By Clive Hinchliffe.