The Stride Rite footwear brand is to develop odour-eliminating shoes for children – marketing the line as “anti-stink” technology.

The move follows a new partnership with Celessence Technologies, whose fragrance micro-encapsulation technology will provide a fresh, long-lasting solution to children's shoe odours and will debut as part of the company's spring 2016 Made 2 Play sandal collection.

“By adding tiny Celessence micro-capsules to our linings, sandals will stay fresh smelling through an entire summer of play,” explains Gillian Meek, vice president of product and brand.

Shibani Mohindra, managing director of Celessence Technologies, adds: “Our technology is activated through touch, friction or motion. As kids run and play, the pressure of each step provides a burst of freshness that eliminates odours and prevents smells.”

The microcapsules are bound to a surface with a proprietary binder that ensures controlled release that is long lasting, affordable and even wash durable. In many cases, the benefit release can last the life of the product, representing a significant point of difference to past efforts to apply scent or actives to textiles.

Based in the UK, Celessence Technologies has recently launched a licensing programme to grow the brand in the US, where it is partnering with Genius Brands International and its subsidiary A Squared Entertainment.