Europe's newest independent country has agreed to remove import duties on a wide range of clothing and textile lines from the European Union (EU).

In an extensive trade deal with the EU, Montenegro also agreed to scrap import duties on many lines of men's and women's footwear, as well as leather clothing and accessories.

These duty concessions will come into force as soon as the agreement is formally approved, which could happen later this year.

The EU and Montenegro have also agreed guidelines for determining the geographical origin of clothing and textile goods when setting import duties.

EU-made clothing which will become duty free on entering Montenegro spans most apparel, male and female, from shirts, trousers and coats to stockings, nightshirts and tracksuits.

Montenegro is applying to join the EU, whereupon all trade with member states would be completely duty free. Although the country is small, it is developing a booming tourist trade focused on the Adriatic coast.

By Keith Nuthall.