New company Flaw-Less Designs said it would launch a "revolutionary line of swimsuits" that will help over-40s look more flawless.

Founder Bernadette DiFrancesco said the swimsuit, Ms Bzz Swim & Go, is aimed at the so-called Baby Boomer market.

"Because a woman's body changes as she gets older, the Ms Bzz Swim & Go patent-pending swimsuit is the answer for women over 40," DiFrancesco said.

"Baby Boomer women, which represent about 40m women between the ages of 42 and 60 in the US, are the greatest market opportunity today.

"But female Baby Boomers are still underserved and I believe that there is tremendous potential for Flaw-Less Designs. Our object for the brand is to concentrate all our energies on our target market - it will not be a sideline or brand extension for us."

According to DiFrancesco, the targeted age group knows what it wants and has the means to buy it.