A new RFID-based supply chain system for the fashion and apparel industries promises to improve productivity and inventory accuracy while reducing processing costs and improving sales.

FITS (Fashion Item Tracking System) from RFID infrastructure provider Tagsys is an off-the-shelf, end-to-end supply chain system, covering manufacturing, distribution and retail with RFID technologies, materials, software and consulting services.

The company claims a 50% improvement rate among existing customers in productivity in the distribution centre, 98% inventory accuracy and a 20% reduction in processing costs per item, while increasing sales by 7%.

"Tagsys has listened to the fashion market for the past four years, and designed the FITS system to improve the brand equity of our fashion customers," said Tagsys CEO, Alain Fanet.

"With FITS, our customers receive a flexible, scalable solution that meets all of their tracking and visibility needs, all from a single source."