US fashion firm Tandy Brands Accessories has launched a new logo and tag line as part of a new corporate identity.

They were unveiled at Tandy's annual shareholders meeting in Arlington, Texas, today (27 October).

Rod McGeachy, president and CEO of Tandy, said: "We have spent the last year restructuring and retooling the company. This new identity builds upon our heritage and core values, yet symbolises our new vision for the future."

Tandy's new logo is in the shape of a T and incorporates a buckle design, represents the key role belts play in its business.

The new tag line reads 'A Look Ahead', and refers to trends and product design.

McGeachy also added that the tag line is also a call for employees to "look ahead, be proactive and find creative ways to solve problems and drive results".

Going forward the company will also refer to itself simply as 'Tandy'.

Earlier today Tandy Brands said it is on track to swing to a first quarter profit, along with its first year-on-year quarterly sales increase in 12 quarters.