Retailer Target Australia has disclosed the locations of its supplier factories in Bangladesh – a move welcomed by charity Oxfam.

Target MD Stuart Machin said the decision reflected the company’s belief that supply chain transparency was key to its commitment to improve working conditions and safety standards in Bangladesh and other sourcing countries.

Target also said that it would progressively release details of factory partners from all sourcing countries by the end of 2015.

“We have a responsibility to ensure that everyone who works for our business, whether directly or indirectly, is safe in their workplace,” Machin said. 

“This is also a key concern for our customers, who want to know that the products they purchase from Target are sourced and produced ethically.”

Oxfam Australia corporate accountability and fair trade advisor Daisy Gardener said: “Today Target joins Kmart and Woolworths in being open and accountable about exactly where its clothes are made.

“Target’s disclosure of Bangladesh supplier factory locations will enable researchers, NGOs and civil society groups to independently check workers’ conditions by speaking to workers on site.”

The move comes after Pacific Brands committed to revealing the locations of Bangladesh supplier factories in December, with the Cotton On Group also saying that it was considering following suit.

Kmart Australia has also committed to publishing factory locations in India, Cambodia and Indonesia, with China to follow.