(TC)2 (Textile/Clothing Technology Corporation), a not-for-profit organization supporting the apparel industry, today announced the formation of ImageTwin, Inc, a joint venture with Truefinds.com Inc, a preferred stock subsidiary of Konover Property Trust, to launch the first web-enabled three-dimensional body scanning and measurement system.

The technology is designed to provide the apparel, manufacturing and retail industries with a definitive solution to accurate apparel sizing for online, catalog and bricks and mortar shopping. This same technology will be extended into the diet and fitness industries that rely on precise body measurement.

"The ImageTwin joint venture is part of (TC)2's overall strategy in developing a more efficient apparel supply chain by increasing forecasting accuracy and reducing merchandise returns," said Peter N. Butenhoff, president of (TC)2. "Our relationship with truefinds.com and Konover Property Trust will be a tremendous benefit to the membership of (TC)2 and the apparel industry at large."

ImageTwin Digital Body Measurement System

The ImageTwin digital body measurement system is the culmination of (TC)2's extensive nine-year development effort. The result is a safe, white light scanning process, taking less than 12 seconds, that generates extremely accurate measurements. ImageTwin's in-store scanning station will instantly capture over 200,000 data points of an individual's image, compiling a full three-dimensional representation of his or her body.

Proprietary software will, in turn, automatically extract dozens of sizing measurements which can be used to create a perfect custom fit garment or predict the appropriate size of existing ready-to-wear clothing.

About (TC)2

Based in Cary, NC, (TC)2 (www.tc2.com) is a not-for-profit organization established in 1981. (TC)(2) is a premier source of assistance to the sewn products industry for improving business systems domestically and manufacturing resources globally.

(TC)2's industry-experienced staff present seminars, provide consulting services, conduct research, develop multimedia training and marketing programs, and operate a team-based manufacturing facility.

About Konover Property Trust

Headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, Konover Property Trust, Inc. (NYSE:KPT) is a self-administered real estate investment trust (REIT) engaged in the management, leasing, marketing, development and acquisition of community and neighborhood shopping centers.

The company currently owns, operates or has under development more than 150 shopping centers in 22 states, totaling more than 18 million square feet. For a complete listing of centers, stores and other information on Konover Property Trust, Inc, visit the company's web site at www.konovertrust.com.