The TechniTex initiative, which promotes technology transfer in the field of technical textiles and advanced materials, has been awarded a further two years' funding to enable it to engage more widely with industry and academia in the technical textiles arena.

TechniTex is one of 24 Faraday partnerships and was originally set up by the DTI and EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council).

The Core partners of the initiative are now TechniTex Faraday Limited, Heriot-Watt  University , Leeds University and the University of Manchester.

Other academic partners are involved in the programme, and it is envisaged that with the extra funding Technitex will continue to develop ties with a much broader range of universities and research centres working in the field of technical textiles across the UK.

Mr Brian McCarthy, director of TechniTex Faraday Ltd, said the funding meant that "the industry will be actively briefed on the latest technical developments and research which is being developed in the academic centres of excellence, and the industry, will in turn, be able to set challenges to the academics to move our technical textile industry forward."