A compliance solution for regulatory, safety and social responsibility requirements within apparel and footwear firms has been introduced by TexBase.

The TexBase Guardian software can help brands and retailers ensure transparency and traceability across their global supply chain, the company claims. It can be used for a single requirement or as a solution for all compliance requirements.

The solution features CPSIA Guardian for managing product specifications, testing plans and results, and RSL Guardian, which can help manage Restricted Substance Lists (RSL).

Conflict Minerals Guardian, which helps manage requirements under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, and CSR Guardian, which allows brands to track and measure their corporate social responsibility programmes, are also included in the solution.

"TexBase Guardian is designed to simplify and help brands, retailers and consumer products companies achieve transparency and traceability across their global supply chain," said president and CEO Wayne Huyard.