US textile and apparel imports have continued their upward trajectory in January, led by big gains from the Caribbean and South East Asia regions.

Textile and apparel imports into the US rose 3.7% in the first month of 2013, according to official figures from the Department of Commerce's Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA).

The data showed total textile and apparel imports climbed to 4.6bn square metre equivalents (SME), compared with a year earlier.

Gains were seen in both textiles and apparel, with total textile imports up 3.3% to 2.54bn SME, and apparel climbing 4.26% to 2.07bn SME.

When it comes to specific sources, China's shipments of textiles and apparel to the US edged up 0.76% in January to 2.17bn SME.

But the fastest growing textile and apparel suppliers during the month included Vietnam (+22.7% to 315m SME), Bangladesh (+11.0% to 181m SME), Indonesia (+9.9% to 169m SME) and Pakistan (+5.99% to 214m SME).

In terms of apparel sources, a double-digit gain was seen by Indonesia, whose imports were up 13.4% to 130m SME.

Growth was also seen by China (+4.45% to 871m SME), Vietnam (+9.05% to 214m SME), Bangladesh (+7.0% to 162m SME), and Cambodia (+1.5% to 91m SME).

But apparel imports fell from Honduras (-11.8% to 55m SME), India (-6.5% to 76m SME), and El Salvador (-14.1% to 44m SME).

Regional winners on the apparel supply side included South Asia (+4.4% to 728m SME), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) (+14.8% to 685m SME), and Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) partners (+59.6% to 18m SME).