South Korea's textile exports were down 12.1 per cent in April compared to the year before despite seasonal demand, at $1.36bn, the Korea textile industry association reported.

Textile exports reached 290,000 tons, up 0.5 per cent, but export unit price dropped 12.6 per cent to $4.7 per kilogram, according to the association.

The sluggish exports are due to a drop in unit price resulting from increased competition among domestic exporters, the business slowdown in Japan and heated price competition against China.

The exports to China rose by 10.7 per cent, to the Philippines 2.7 per cent, to Thailand by 11.6 per cent, and India by 5.5 per cent. However, exports declined in other markets, including the United States (minus 13.6 per cent), Japan (minus 27.4 per cent,) Hong Kong (minus 21 per cent, United Arab Emirates (minus 22.9 per cent), Indonesia (minus 12.9 per cent) and Vietnam (minus 13.5 per cent).