Taiwan's textile exports are expected to remain strong for at least the next two years as growth in mainland China's textile output slows down, an official at the Taiwan Textile Federation has said.

Justin Huang, deputy secretary general of the Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF), said the country's textile exports grew 5 per cent in 2004 to US$12.5 trillion, up from US$11.8 trillion in 2003.

He added that exports would continue to rise in 2005 and 2006.

Huang told The China Post that mainland China took about 60 per cent of Taiwan's fabric exports in 2004.

But he added that mainland China's basic facilities are unable to meet the quick proliferation of its manufacturing industries, and that shortages of electricity and manpower meant some orders had to be shifted to Taiwan.

"This situation will continue in 2005 and 2006," he said.