Representatives of the textile industry today called on the Finance Minister, Yashwant Sinha, to urge the Government to withdraw its decision to reimpose ad valorem duty structure on the industry.

Coming together under the banner of the Federation of All-India Textile Manufacturers Associations, they reiterated that the Government decision would wreak havoc on the industry if it was to reintroduce the "inspector raj".

Arvind Poddar, of Siyaram Silk Mills and president of the Federation, said the decision would negate the improvements in efficiency, quality and global competitiveness the industry had witnessed over the past two years, following the introduction of stent duty in the place of ad valorem duty.

Noting that the Government had been considering the withdrawal of stent duty to promote the sector, he said the industry would even be willing to pay more duties as long as it was not subject to the "horrors" of ad valorem duty.