India and Pakistan have great potential to form joint ventures in textile production and export marketing according to the vice chairman of the Indian Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association, GT Dembla.

Speaking at a conference arranged by the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association and Indian Textile Engineering Exporters' Council earlier this week, Dembla called on the industry officials to keep politics out of their work place and to look to promote stronger trade relationships between the two countries.

In his speech, Dembla praised the efforts of those involved in the Pakistan textile industry in boosting the country's textile industry.

He also believed that the steps taken in improving the standard of the textile machinery produced in India could be off great benefit to the Pakistani manufacturers and working together they would be able to take a firm grasp on the various markets.

To enable this to happen he called for the lifting of the current import ban in Pakistan on Indian machinery, claiming that if this happened then the "Indian textile engineering industry would be able to meet requirements of Pakistan Textile Sectors at very competitive rates with expeditious and effective after-sales service"