Workers at a number of textile plants in Pakistan have taken strike action in protest against cotton yarn exports from the country.

Plant owners and workers held protest rallies against cotton price hikes and shortage of cotton yarns in domestic yarn markets.

In addition, 14 textile associations organised a "Save Textile" convention in Faisalabad on Tuesday, demanding the Pakistan government impose a ban on the export of cotton yarns from the country

Addressing the convention, chairman of the Pakistan Apparel Forum (PAF) Javed Bilwani said that if the situation remained the same, then 2m textile sector workers would become jobless. They are also expected to knock the door of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to get the uninterrupted export of cotton yarn banned.

Anwar Ahmed Tata, chairman of the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) said that yarn is available in sufficient quantity for the domestic value-added textile sectors, and that the growing agitation of the domestic market and a ban on export of cotton yarns had no grounds.

Yarn prices in Pakistan's domestic yarn markets have jumped by 30% during last six months due to increased cotton yarn shipments to China.