The All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) has teamed up with the German Academy for International Cooperation (GIZ) to set up a Sustainable Production Centre to promote energy efficiency and cleaner production technologies in member mills.

The Sustainable Production Centre in Lahore will also advise textile firms on how to improve their production systems, reusing industrial wastewater, renewable energy options and capacity development.

Even though textiles is Pakistan's largest manufacturing sector, the industry is struggling in the face of higher energy costs and frequent power cuts," explained Seth Muhammad Akbar, vice chairman of the APTMA. He hopes the collaboration will lead to a solution to the country's prevailing energy crisis. 

Ahsan Bashir, chairman of the APTMA Punjab zone, told just-style that a plan is underway for the treatment of around 400bn litres of reusable industrial wastewater. Seven litres of water is used to produce one square metre of fabric - and Pakistan produces 9bn square metres of finished fabrics annually, he explained.