China's State Economic and Trade Commission released the country's development targets for the textile industry up to 2005.

It said that export of textiles and garments will grow from US$52bn in 2000 to US$70-75bn by 2005.

The industry aims at advanced world levels not only in fibre processing, the number of equipment, output and export, but also in technical progress, innovation, productivity, enterprise management and economic efficiency.

It will also form a new and competitive system for wholesale and retailing of textiles and garments, by fair competition and establishment of a quick-responsive market mechanism.

The report also said the country plans to increase total processing capacity of textile fibre from 12.10 million tons in 2000 to 14.25 million tons by 2005, and the per capita consumption of fibre will increase to 7.4 kg from 6.6 kg.

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