Up to 50,000 Bangladeshi garment workers are continuing protests in a bid to win a 50% pay hike and subsidised food to cope with rising living costs, according to reports.

AFP said scores of protesters and police had been injured in continuing violent demonstrations involving workers at 300 factories in Ashulia, near Bangladeshi capital Dhaka.

Tear gas and rubber bullets were reportedly used to quell the demonstrations, with reports of at least 20 police officers and scores of demonstrators injured in the protests.

Some 2,000 police officers have been deployed to patrol the industrial zone after the protesters blocked roads for two hours, demonstrating at eight separate locations.

The workers are demanding a pay rise of 50% plus subsidised food, complaining of double-digit inflation and fast-rising house rents.

Their anger has also been building following the brutal murder of labour rights activist and former apparel worker Aminul Islam in April this year – which unions blamed on Bangladesh’s security forces.

The violent protests come two years after similar demonstrations, when workers secured an 80% salary increase and other concessions.