Tice Technology, Inc (OTCBB: TICE) has entered into an agreement with a private manufacturer of sewn promotional products to develop a multiple-head lockstitch (MHLS) industrial sewing machine application. This machine will be the first of its kind in the world, and can only be manufactured because of Tice's patented Electronic Gearing Technology (EGT). Tice previously had built a multiple head lockstitch buttonhole concept machine to demonstrate the capabilities of EGT, but this will be the first production-quality machine of its kind. The prototype is expected to be completed and ready for testing in September. Management expects to deliver production units by late October. This new machine has numerous specialty-sewing applications and Tice will be able to pursue sales with other customers.

Tice now has three distinct products utilizing EGT: the MHLS, the FS-2000 (developed under a joint development agreement with Levi Strauss) and a new CS-2000 chain stitch machine previously developed and undergoing customer evaluations. In addition, Brother Industries of Nagoya, Japan pays royalties to Tice to license the use of EGT on two classes of industrial machines.

Tice is a publicly traded engineering and technical solutions firm for specialized, industrial sewing equipment through its wholly owned subsidiary Tice Engineering & Sales, Inc. Tice is widely known in the apparel industry for its patented Electronic Gearing Technology. Tice holds dozens of US and International patents and is the only company to completely design a new sewing machine using 21st Century technology from the ground up. Tice's customer list includes major apparel manufacturers such as: Levi Strauss, Vanity Fair and Hart, Schaffner and Marx.