Alison Hardy has left her position as president of FabriCAD, the consulting and publishing company that she founded and which focused on CAD/CAM for the fashion industry, to take up a new role as director of the textile division at Improved Technologies. She is joined at the company by Steve Potthoff and Robert Degerstrom, and the new team will focus on keeping IT at the forefront of the wide-format inkjet printing industry.

"As an industry consultant," says Hardy, "I'd been keeping my eye on Improved Technologies for years; I saw first hand the impact their products and services were having on the textile industry. There's a bright future here and I was delighted with the chance to sign on." Prior to founding FabriCAD, she held management positions at Mast Industries, Hathaway for Women, Izod Lacoste, and Turquoise International.

Steve Potthoff, IT's new vice president of sales, was formerly the sales director for Polaroid Graphics, as well as national sales manager of iris graphics and fine art and textile sales manager for Scitex America. "Improved Technologies has launched two exciting new products, the IXIA and the I-Jet." says Potthoff. "These machines will have a major impact on the fine arts, graphic arts and textile industries, and I'm happy to be in a company that's setting the new industry standards."

Robert Degerstrom is IT's new director of channel sales. He has an extensive background in OEM and channel sales as director of sales for Gretag Professional and from his work at Color Savvy, Color Solutions, Sony, and Mitsubishi of America.

Degerstrom said: "I'm excited by the new developments here, and I think IT is about to explode into the graphic arts, particularly the sign and banner business."