Women's underwear and bra manufacturer Top Form International is looking to reduce the daily workload in production order planning by signing up with Datel Asia, a subsidiary of collaborative solutions supplier Datel UK, for the Fastreact Planning Board solution.

The Fastreact solution will first be implemented in Thailand, followed by the rollout to Top Form's factories in the Philippines and China.

Fastreact is a market-leading planning system for the apparel, footwear and textiles industry with more than 100 installations worldwide. The system enables the planner to visually schedule production orders dynamically, instantly alerting the planner to any problems and/or any critical events, thereby maximising factory capacity.

Phase one includes the implementation of the Fastreact Enterprise Planning Board solution into Top Form's Thailand factories with future rollouts to the factories in the Philippines and China. Once this has been completed, the Fastreact Evolution solution will be implemented in China and Hong Kong. This will allow production management to perform high-level capacity planning with each individual factory planning the detail.

"In today's competitive environment we are requested to respond to customer enquiries promptly. With the Fastreact Evolution product we can quickly identify bottlenecks and rearrange the production plan to meet requested shipment dates. The key to our decision is that the Fastreact solution will be up and running quickly, delivering immediate benefit back to the business," commented James Jim, group IT manager, of Top Form International.