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UK: Asda launches 100-day garment guarantee
Asda, the supermarket chain that sells George branded clothes, today (8 March) launched a new scheme to offer shoppers a 100 day guarantee on garments.

COMMENT: Garment sector well-placed to sell sustainability
The garment industry’s global supply network gives it a key role to play in leading the push towards sustainability and eco-friendly production. But the sector must work as an industry with an industry-wide organisation and an industry-wide standard if it is to avoid the errors of compliance, believes David Birnbaum.

ANALYSIS: Foot Locker unveils new expansionist strategy
Retailer Foot Locker is poised to enter a new era of expansion, vowing to grow annual sales by 25% to US$6bn over the next five years.

VIEWPOINT: Are retailers responsible for non-compliant factories?
The Bangladeshi apparel industry has a lamentable track record when it comes to factory safety, especially fires. But where does the industry draw the line when it comes to apportioning blame to retailers and buyers?

THE FLANARANT: Imagination's better than a begging bowl
Turkey’s about to hire lobbyists to try to secure duty-free access for its garments to the US, and Pakistan’s about to spend money on a similar campaign to stop paying EU import duty. But instead of investing a fortune on what is likely to be a fruitless exercise, Mike Flanagan believes they could be doing more to help themselves.