Top stories on just-style this week include a report on how the Olympic Games failed to boost August retail sales in the UK, a look at just-style's latest management briefing on RFID technology and H&M calling for higher wages for garment workers in Bangladesh. 

UK: Olympics fail to boost August retail sales
The Olympics failed to boost UK retailers in August as consumers stayed at home in order to watch the games, figures showed today (4 September) - leading to one of the worst sales months this year.

just-style management briefing: RFID technology gets increasingly sophisticated
Despite the increasing number of roll-outs of RFID item-level tagging by retail giants such as Walmart, JCPenney, Marks & Spencer and supply chain giant Li & Fung, the price of RFID inlays (the electronic component that comprises of an antenna made of copper, silver or aluminium along with a silicon chip attached to a synthetic backing) has not budged.

BANGLADESH: H&M calls for higher wages for garment workers
Swedish fashion giant H&M has called on the Bangladesh government to raise minimum wages at the country's garment factories and to carry out annual wage reviews in a bid to tackle the violent strikes and disruption that have plagued the sector in recent years.

SRI LANKA: Supplier Timex launches dress label in the UK
The Timex Group, one of Sri Lanka's leading export apparel manufacturers, has launched one of its own brand labels in the UK through high street department store chain BHS.

INDIA: Exporters seek seek help on rising cotton yarn prices
Indian apparel exporters are calling on the government to allow duty-free imports of cotton yarn to ensure local fabric and garment makers are "not starved of raw material at reasonable price."