Top stories on just-style this week include news that garment firms in Pakistan face cancelled export orders following safety concerns, activists calling for an extension to the boycott of cotton from Uzbekistan and the launch of Adidas' Stella McCartney DryDye T-shirt.

PAKISTAN: Garment firms face cancelled orders on safety fears
Garment firms in Pakistan are facing cancelled export orders and problems in securing new orders from the EU and US following safety concerns after a factory fire earlier this month killed more than 289 workers.  

UZBEKISTAN: Call for cotton boycott to extend to investors
Activists from Uzbekistan are calling for an extension to an international boycott of Uzbek cotton and textiles as part of efforts to ramp up pressure on the government to end the use of forced and child labour in the country's cotton fields. 

Comment: Bangladesh at a crossroads
The Bangladesh garment export industry has been built on the pillars of cheap labour and reliability. But the two are increasingly proving to be incompatible - and it is now time to bring all the stakeholders together - factory suppliers, customers, government and workers - to create a viable comprehensive and integrated solution. 

GERMANY: Adidas for Stella McCartney launches DryDye T-shirt
Adidas for Stella McCartney is set to launch a DryDye T-shirt, which is dyed using pressurised CO2 instead of water. 

SRI LANKA: To benefit as India lifts apparel import quota
The government of India has agreed to increase Sri Lanka's duty-free export quota for apparel by 5m pieces, more than doubling the previous allocation.