Top stories on just-style this week include news that Gap will introduce new fire safety standards at supplier factories in Bangladesh, a look at the new outsourcing players to challenge existing export giants, and comments from industry experts who say UK manufacturing can work for niche and high street brands.

BANGLADESH: Gap to implement fire safety plan in factories
Specialty clothing retailer Gap Inc is to introduce new fire safety standards at supplier factories in Bangladesh, in a move that mirrors similar measures announced recently by PVH, owner of the Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger brands, and German retailer Tchibo.

just-style management briefing: New outsourcing players challenge export giants
The BRIC countries are far from being the only emerging market suppliers for the global apparel sector - and a knot of competitors such as Bangladesh and Vietnam have long been vying for business. But there are smaller players who have been looking to grow.

Spotlight on...Making UK manufacturing work
The feasibility of reviving the UK manufacturing sector and moving garment production back onshore has been a key topic of discussion among British brands and retailers. While niche and high-end firms like cashmere specialist Johnstons of Elgin and countrywear brand J Barbour & Sons are synonymous with UK-based production, it can also be done for high street brands on a large scale, industry experts suggest.

just-style management briefing: Outsourcing with the BRIC countries
Outsourcing textile and apparel production is a necessary step along the supply chain for many large international brands which, more often than not, have long-standing relationships with manufacturers abroad.

just-style management briefing: International brands eye emerging markets
While the focus on emerging markets for the big international clothing companies has traditionally been to view them as outsourcing opportunities, there are a lot of people with a lot of money in these countries. So go-ahead Western brands are seeking to gain a presence in emerging markets, hoping to reap dividends as their economies grow.