The most-read stories on just-style this week include an insight into the impact that recent unrest in Vietnam is likely to have on future investment in the country, a two-part interview with William E. Connor, and the top 10 global apparel brands. 

ANALYSIS: Vietnam unrest unlikely to impact industry investment
Recent anti-China riots in Vietnam caused serious damage to a number of foreign-owned footwear and clothing plants. But now that the unrest has subsided, industry executives suggest a pullout of future investment is unlikely.

INTERVIEW: William E. Connor talks transparency and trust
Transparency and integrity are two words that crop up repeatedly in conversation with William E. (Chip) Connor, chairman and CEO of Hong Kong based global sourcing specialist William E. Connor & Associates Ltd. Indeed, these have been cornerstones of the business since it was founded 65 years ago, and continue to underpin every aspect of an operation set up to act as its clients' alter-ego.

INTERVIEW: William E. Connor discusses global sourcing shifts
With a global vendor base of around 6,000 factories working with leading retailers and brands, sourcing specialist William E. Connor & Associates Ltd. has an enviable view into worldwide sourcing shifts. In the second instalment of a two-part interview with just-style, company chairman and CEO William E. (Chip) Connor discusses opportunities, challenges and concerns.

WORLD: Top 10 apparel brands now worth US$100bn
The world's top 10 apparel brands have grown in value by 29% and are now worth close to US$100bn, according to the 2014 Brandz Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brand rankings.

CAMBODIA: Brands prepared to cost in higher wages
Fashion brands and retailers have suggested they are prepared to factor in the cost of higher wages for garment workers in Cambodia when sourcing from the country.