Canadian footwear retailer Town Shoes is extending the use of the Opterus Store Ops-Center software to all its stores following its rollout at the firm's The Shoe Company unit. 

Once Town Shoes has deployed the tool, it will run across both brands' 110+ store locations.

"The brands operate separately with very little overlap in head office management, but Opterus allows us to independently and seamlessly manage both brands from the same instance of Store Ops-Center," explains chief financial officer Peter Gerhardt.

The software helps retailers improve operational efficiency through enhanced store communications and compliance monitoring of corporate objectives. 

It is an on-demand solution, with benefits said to include improved productivity for store employees, increased employee satisfaction and retention, and reduced paper usage and travel costs for store visits.

At Town Shoes it is replacing the use of email for store communications, which had created numerous challenges in store-level accountability, consistency and compliance with corporate objectives.