Makers of children’s goods have admitted the “widespread” use of potentially harmful chemicals under the reporting requirement of Washington State’s 2008 Children’s Safe Products Act (CSPA).

According to “What’s on your list? Toxic chemicals in your shopping cart”, there were 4,605 reports between March and September 2013 of chemicals that can cause cancer, hormone disruption and reproductive or developmental problems in children’s products, including clothing.

Now the Washington Toxics Coalition (WTC) is urging the state legislature to pass the Toxic-Free Kids and Families Act, which would ban the use of six toxic flame retardants.

“The information we are getting from this reporting is critical, but it’s not going to protect the health of our kids,” said Laurie Valeriano, WTC executive director.

“We are asking for swift action on the Toxic-Free Kids and Families Act by the Washington State Senate that will ban the use of these toxic flame retardants and help prevent manufacturers from switching to equally bad or worse chemicals.”