Fibre manufacturer Toyobo Co Ltd has responded to a US lawsuit filed against it for allowing its Zylon fibre to be used for bulletproof vests after it was found to be defective.

The bankrupt maker of the bulletproof vests, Second Chance Body Armor Inc, has recalled vests made with the material on the grounds that they "may fail to perform and result in serious injury or death".

Toyobo says that Second Chance is the guilty party, claiming: "This lawsuit is really all about Second Chance and the allegations made by a former employee about what Second Chance knew, when it knew it, and when it decided not to share critical information about the failure of its vests with Toyobo, the public, the law enforcement community and investigating authorities."

Toyobo alledges that it asked Second Chance to show information about degradation characteristics of Zylon to their customers, and that Second Chance failed to do that.

The company, which says it stands by the product, added that it would take legal action against the vest maker for its conduct, including false claims made about Toyobo and Zylon.