Hong Kong based apparel sourcing firm Trade in Asia Ltd is implementing the Vision solution from Fast React Systems to help improve visibility and shorten lead times.

"The market place is proving to be challenging for all of our clients and it is our duty to show our support," explains Trade in Asia CEO, Andrew Lever.

"To make that happen we need to work to shorter lead times in order to maximise potential and allow our clients the opportunity to decide on styling until the last possible moment."

With a head office in Hong Kong and sales office in London, the business provides supply chain management solutions for retail chains selling men's, ladies and children's clothing.

Its management solutions already include raw material sourcing, design, product development and testing and fit management, with the new Vision tool adding purchase order control with critical path tracking and remote supplier collaboration.

A key feature of Vision is that it provides a clear priority list of 'the tasks in hand' to manage even tighter deadlines.

"I am providing both my staff and suppliers the opportunity to see clearly where they are and remain in control so that all processes up until delivery may be performed accurately and on time," Lever adds.