Fibre firm Trevira is recovering after a fire at its plant in Bobingen, Germany, on 30 December.

The fire, which broke out in the spinning mill of the fibre unit, was caused by a burning cable.

The whole staple fibre section was immediately shut down and the building, in which there were 12 workers, was evacuated.

Two workers were taken to hospital with slight fume poisoning.

According to Trevira, the rapid response of the works fire brigade and firefighters from Bobingen, Königsbrunn and Schwabmünchen ensured the blaze was extinguished within an hour.

However, one section of the plant - with six of a total 14 machines - was severely damaged, the company said.

Trevira will let affected customers know as soon as it calculates any possible shortfalls in supply and will co-ordinate with each of them to manage the situation as far as possible

Works manager Manfred Christian added: "We are sure that production on all machines in fibres that are still intact will be able to commence in stages in the first week of January."

Other than reductions in time credit and holiday entitlement, there will be no effects of any substance on personnel in fibres.