Manufacturers can only respond to the fast-moving demands of the high street if all the components they need are also rapidly available, including trims such as woven labels and box stickers.

Rubicon Group's Warehouse fashion chain has now tapped into Nilorn Calmon's automated logistics system to ensure all its stock branding trims are supplied to the relevant manufacturer, anywhere in the world.

"It is vital our supply chain can move quickly," says Warehouse head of production Joanna Hillary.

Nilorn's global network ensures everything from woven labels to swing tickets, hanger loops, size tabs, bag and box stickers are wherever they need to be in the world within 48 hours.

When buyers at Warehouse key an order into their system, it not only goes to the relevant manufacturer, wherever they are in the world, but also to Nilorn.

This tells the company exactly which variable data items are needed and dispatch a 'kitbox' of relevant brand trimmings, often within 24 hours.
"Nilorn adapts solutions to the individual brands needs and how each customer operates," says brand sales manager Chris Wildman. "This creates shorter lead times and our web and auto-order systems provide total control through the supply chain as well as labour saving benefits."
The company, which offers everything from branding design to total trimming and packaging requirements also offers on-line ordering, designed to be accessed and used by both client and manufacturer. This provides a complete overview of order, warehousing and distribution so labels and care labelling can be ordered and deliveries checked.