JDA® Software Group Inc. (Nasdaq: JDAS) announced that Avante Textil, the holding company of two of Mexico's oldest family-owned apparel retail chains, Almacenes Garcia and Tiendas Optima, signed a license agreement for JDA's complete host-POS-analytic solution during first quarter 2000.

With approximately 95 stores throughout the Republic of Mexico offering low-price, quality clothing and accessories for middle to lower income level families, Avante Textil selected JDA's IBM AS/400-based corporate headquarters solution, Merchandise Management System(TM) (MMS®), in-store solution, Win/DSS®, and data warehousing system, Retail IDEAS®, to help improve inventory management and provide more timely access to pertinent information.

Prior to selecting JDA, Avante Textil thoroughly investigated retail solutions from vendors including SAP, JD Edwards and El Corte Ingles. Needing a solution that best met the needs of its retail business, Avante Textil chose JDA.

"We were seeking to update our technology as well as our retail processes. Initially, we were referred to JDA from a current Mexico-based client who reported positive results shortly after completing the implementation.

"With JDA's best-of-breed practices integrated into its solutions, we realized that many of our concerns would be resolved with one company," commented Avante Textil's director of information technology for the two retail chains.

"We have a proven track record for addressing the needs of Mexico's retailers and in particular, Avante Textil's needs for better managing its supplier relations, inventory at the SKU level and price events," commented Carlos Teixeira, JDA's vice president of Latin American operations.

"With an office located in Mexico City and a list of successful references, we were also able to differentiate ourselves by responding to Avante Textil's requirement for an expeditious implementation led by our local retail consulting experts."

Avante Textil plans to implement MMS and Win/DSS by September 2000 and shortly thereafter will begin the implementation of Retail IDEAS.

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