Under Armour, the innovator of "second skin" design in micro-fiber high performance apparel for athletes, today announced it is unveiling the company's website (www.underarmour.com) featuring its full-line of products accompanied by "hard-hitting" animation and audio.

The website features the company's full line of products, real time customer service, dealer locator, and catalog shopping capabilities, among others. Under Armour will also be using the site for ongoing new product introduction and innovations.

Under Armour products combine micro-fiber technology and design, better known as "second skin" - a system that provides a tight fit without restricting movement. In addition, once an athlete's body temperature rises and begins to sweat, fabric in Under Armour products pull the moisture away from the skin to the surface where it "beads" through and runs off the body.

Under Armour products include five classifications that have application across all sports, regardless of conditions. Products including Heat Gear, Loose Gear, All Season Gear, Turf Gear, Cold Gear and Street Gear.

"Cotton t-shirts can absorb up to 3 lbs of water during a game or a workout," Plank said. "When you work out, you are going to sweat. Our products weigh less than 6 to 8 ounces fully saturated. Our micro-fiber technology and fabrics are designed to not hold moisture and, in turn, not weigh you down. When a game can be decided by inches, the less you have weighing you down, the more likely you are to succeed."

In addition to the development of a new website, the company currently outfits a combined 100 NFL, MLB and Division 1-A college football teams. Under Armour spokespersons include such well-known athletes as: Zach Thomas, linebacker for the Miami Dolphins, and Ron Hornaday, NASCAR Busch Series driver, among other professional and amateur athletes. In addition, Under Armour is a primary sponsor of the NFL's sister league, the NFL Europe League.

Established in 1996, Under Armour was founded by Plank, a former football player at the University of Maryland. Based in Baltimore, the company is actively involved in helping outfit professional and amateur athletes throughout the United States, Canada, Germany and Japan. In addition to its website (www.underarmour.com), Under Armour products are available at retail outlets throughout the US.