Yarn maker Unifi Inc has announced plans to shift polyester texturing operations performed in its Reidsville, North Carolina, plant to its larger, more efficient facilities located in Yadkinville, North Carolina.

The move, which is expected to be completed by 1 October 1 2005, will result in the loss of approximately 150 jobs in Reidsville and 100 extra jobs in Yadkinville.

Texturing employees in Reidsville will be offered the opportunity to transfer to Yadkinville or other Unifi facilities where openings exist.

After the transition, Reidsville will no longer texture polyester yarn used in its dyed yarn operations, but Yadkinville will produce these products on existing equipment.

Bill Lowe, Unifi's chief operating officer and chief financial officer, said: "This move represents a change in production location to maximise the overall efficiency of our domestic polyester texturing operations, and can be accomplished with little cost to the organisation.

"It does not represent a reduction in the domestic polyester texturing capacity for Unifi, nor does it change our on-going commitment to the dyed yarn operations that continue to be based in the Reidsville plant."

Unifi Inc is a diversified producer and processor of multi-filament polyester and nylon textured yarns and related raw materials. Key brands include Sorbtek, AMY, Mynx, UV Reflexx, MicroVista and Satura.

Unifi's yarns are used for home furnishings, apparel, legwear, and sewing thread, as well as industrial, automotive, military, and medical applications.