Trade union leaders from Latin America’s textile, garment, footwear and leather sectors have met to discuss how to use international connections to build union power.

In the FES-funded workshop held in Brazil, 45 union leaders met from Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Mexico and Uruguay.

They discussed how to use global framework agreements and trade union networks to build union power, as well as tackling the challenges of confronting global capital in a constantly changing supply chain.

The delegates were joined via Skype by Isidor Boix, from IndustriAll Global Union Spanish affiliate CCOO de Industria, who co-ordinated the global framework agreement with Spanish clothing retail group Inditex.

Meanwhile, union leaders from Argentina and Brazil outlined the advances made in organising Inditex plants.

The workshop was followed by a one-day regional textile conference, which discussed IndustriAll’s strategic plan for the Latin American region and how to implement it in the textile, clothing and leather sectors.